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Finally the correct information!

This is one of the very few articles on internet that correctly explains how to perform the resetpwd operation on domain controllers when security channel is broken and do not reverse the terms by doing the wrong operations

Secure channel between the DC’s broken


More than 40.000…

Running PowerShell scripts on Hyper-V Windows Server 2008


Let’s assume you’ve correctly installed PoerShell 2.0.  The easiest way to import a module is to copy it to your modules directory (c:\windows\system32\windowsPowerShell\v1.0\modules).  Take the PSHyperV zip that you download from codeplex, right click on it, then unblock it.  Next, inside the zip, copy the HyperV folder to your modules directory.

Now you can either right click the PwerShell icon and select import system modules, or simply use “import-module hyperv” in your scripts.

SSIS migration using Visual Studio 2013: dtproj file not supported in Visual Sudio 2013


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Microsoft ASP.NET Universal Providers 2.0.0 with SQL Azure